Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The good in people.

Hi everyone... Just a short little post....

I have found this saying to be oh sooo true with a handful of people over the past few years

"People dont change. they just find new ways to lie".

So very sad it is.  I always like to find the good  in people or believe good exists in everyone. 
However in somecases, no matter how long time passes, they never change their unethical ways.

I pray daily that these people will find their own path and strength to overcome their deceitful  ways. Maybe just maybe  one day they will. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Matilda Boo's Pumpkins!

Hi Lacies!

A fun blast from the past my Matilda Boo's Pumpkins,   is now available in the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe for free from now thru Halloween! It's a little spooktacular treat from me to you.  Matilda Boo Pumpkins is one of my favorite Boo images I have drawn to date.

Here is a picture of a card created by one of my dt members back in 2016.  Click here to see original post and this way  you  don't have to search  thru the blog  to find it.

Have  fun crafting  and  coloring with this original cutie of Heather Valentin's .. ...
Trick or Treat! (wink)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shoes and Hats or is it Hats and Shoes!

Hi Lacies!

I have a new collection  for you in the  Shoppe.. Called  Lacy Sunshine's Enchanted Hats and Shoes featuring my  popular Sunshine Tots!

I  was  going thru my  images,  thousands I  have  drawn thru the years and  found my  Summer Daisies....  A  Flower Pot Pretty in a Boot created  a few  years ago. You might  remember this image  and  that, when we  did a campaign/contest to help safe my Flower Pretties  in 2014!  That  was   such  a  fun  campaign and it was   a much needed one though to  save our flower pot pretties.

But anyway  here is my Summers Daisies colored by Jane B, what a beauty she is in her  boot, and  today my Peppie Mint Sunshine Tot image made her public debut in her Christmas Candy Shoe.

 Shoes... I  so love  shoes...Like Manolos and Louboutins or almost all shoes for that matter!  It's  A common theme, like witches, cats, fairies  and yes  even hats too! Who  doesnt love fairies, shoes and hats, am I right!!!! It's funny how some think they own a"theme" lol, but what  they need to  realize is, the  part that is wrong, is when they  believe they own certain characters that were never created by them.

I am so looking  forward to sharing  with you more of my  enchanting shoe and hat collection.

As always, Color, Create, Dream and Believe ..... Lacy Sunshine.

Oh  and  as always ALL of my images are registered with the  US copyright office.

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Lacy Sunshine's Christmas With The Sunshine Tots

Hi everyone! I am super excited to announce the grand debut of my 43rd coloring book on Amazon titled Lacy Sunshine's Christmas with the Sunshine Tots!  This book was made with love and one of my  favs. I hope you love each page as much as I did creating and drawing each. <3
As always.... Color. Create. Dream and Believe with Lacy Sunshine.

©Heather Valentin. Lacy Sunshine. All rights Reserved.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lacy Sunshine's Kokeshi Dolls

Hi Lacies!

Kokeshi Dolls......  so  sweet and  adorable, they are.
So irresistible!

Make sure you check out our amazing collection of them and our book. They  feature the one and only Lacy Sunshine's Fan Favorites as tiny Kokeshi Dolls.

You can find our  Lacy Sunshine Kokeshi Dolls coloring book here at Amazon. This is our 32nd book. Below are a few of our Kokeshi Dolls. These and others are  also available for instant  download in the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe. I hope you love  the sample of our dolls below.  We thought we would spotlight some of them today....  easier to  showcase them and show them off  here   then searching thru the shoppe for them at times....  don't you agree?

Now, remember all All rights reserved. ©Lacy Sunshine.

As always, Color. Create. Dream and Believe... Lacy Sunshine.

Have a great coloring day  everyone....  Off to watch Big Brother, while doing some work. So in love with this Season 19. Only  a couple weeks  before the finale. Thought I would enjoy a Marathon. Big Brother...  got to love it!
Hugs, H

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lacy Sunshine's Hocus Pocus

Hi Lacies!

Our Lacy Sunshine's New Hocus Pocus Coloring Book will be debuting in just a couple of  day on Amazon! The official announcement with release of the grand and boo-tiful cover made its public debut earlier august in our FB Group!

Here are  some of the gorgeous images that  you will find in this book. You can also  get the individual download coloring pages of these images at our Lacy Sunshine Shoppe in the Hocus Pocus Section.

Have a wonderful day! As always Color. Create. Dream and Believe ... Lacy Sunshine.

©Lacy Sunshine. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


My individual contribution for may is this time Floralia, a lovely faery.

I colored her with copics and used a lila cardstock and a designpaper with a lot of fairylike sparkles.

On her dress I addes some light green tiny stars as seeds from heaven...

Only a few swirls and some flowers finished my card.

I hope you'll like it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sophia PolkaDot for Showcase May

Heather Valentine, the designer of Lacy Sunshine, provided me with this lovely image, Sophia PolkaDot.

So much fun to color her and to create a card!!

You will find the colorschme below, and of course I colore with Copics!

For the card blank I used a simple white cardstock 6"x 6"

In my stash I found a lovely waterpatterned paper, perfect for this image.

I added a Fishnet, colored with Distress Ink, some shells and an anker, to give it a real underwater look.

On top of the card I added some shells from a Joy die.

I hope to give you some inspiration this time and would love to read your comments!